The race is on!

I have decided to run for lieutenant governor and to put my full support behind Byron Mallott for Governor. I think that we have the best chance in a long time to capture the Governor's mansion.

I deeply appreciate those of you who encouraged me to run for governor. Thank you. But given what's at stake for Alaska -- our economic future threatened by the oil tax giveaway and our next generation hampered by a flat funded education system -- it is imperative that we Democrats, moderates and progressives pull together as one team and win next November. I believe we can do much better than the current administration and I am committed to putting all my energy into this race.

We can win this election.

As you know, when Democrats win statewide it is the result of harnessing what I call our 'people power.' We will win this race the same way we have won in the past: by outworking the other side, by harnessing our considerable volunteer power, by pounding in yard signs and then waving them on Election Day and by doing all the other campaign grunt work at which our side excels.

Take a look at the rest of the website and don't hesitate to contact me via email.