Thank You.

Thank you for your overwhelming support in the primary. Now it's on to the general election!

Running on the same ticket as Byron Mallott is an incredible opportunity for me, but more than that, it is an opportunity for the state to choose an Alaskan that can unite us. Byron has a profound and positive vision for our state that offers a sharp contrast with the governor we have now.

For Byron, and for me, education is number one. Education is the foundation upon which we build a better world. Byron has put education at the center of this campaign. Under a Mallott-French administration, education will be:

  • Fully funded -- so that we stop cutting teachers from classrooms,
  • Forward funded -- so that school districts can build predictable budgets, and
  • Fairly funded -- so that rural and urban children have the same opportunities.

We need your help to make this vision a reality. Donate, volunteer, or help us spread our message via social media.

Please explore my website and never hesitate to contact me via email. Alaskans have a good ideas and I look forward to hearing yours.